Hello and welcome, I am an aspiring 3D artist who has recently graduated from Massey University and am looking for any freelance work and opportunities that come my way!
I have experience in Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter and enjoy making scenes and projects in my spare time.  
I grew up fascinated with films like Tarzan, Star Wars, and Terminator and playing video games like Tenchu, Medieval and Dark Souls which had a lasting impact on what I wanted to do in life.  This led me to the Weta Cave, where I found some good books on 3D sculpting and modeling and this inspired me to take a year-long animation course at a local polytech alongside my high school studies.  
After completing high school in Invercargill I decided I needed a change of scenery and left home to study creative media production at Massey University in Wellington.  I have recently graduated from Massey and am looking for work in the field!
Check out my blog for my most recent updates!
Contact me either via my website contact page,

My Mobile is 0274117002